His Living Word


His Living Word
By Joanne Standfield

Your Word, Lord, created
everything that was ever made,
from the sun that shines upon us
to the trees that provide our shade.
To the friends and family around us
and the smiles on their face,
this living Word you’ve given us
our God of amazing grace.
Your desire is for us to speak it,
this mighty Word of power
that calls into being,
what is needed for this hour.
As we speak it, faith is created,
our hearts expectant to see
those desires of our heart,
coming to earth from eternity.


‘Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly…’
[Colossians 3:16]



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One Response to His Living Word

  1. L. Haase says:

    Beautiful, Jo. I love how you connected the nature of the earth with the
    power of our Creator.

    God bless,


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