It Is Free


It Is Free
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Today I heard of salvation,
the man said it was free,
For though it was very costly,
the price had been paid for me.

He went on to talk of heaven,
a home that was waiting for me
Where pain and sorrow were banished,
and heaven he said, was free.

I looked at this man and wondered,
how these things could be,
For surely you get what you pay for,
nothing is given for free.

He told me a man called Jesus,
though the son of God was he,
Who lived a life that was sinless,
had suffered and died on a tree.

His father, who was God the creator,
loved us all, you and me,
So he sent his dear son to save us,
from sin to set us free.

All we have to do is to trust Him,
trust even though we cant see,
He will forgive all our sins if we ask him,
for he died for us all, you and me.

Now I want you to know of salvation,
Christ died for you too, don’ t you see,
The price of salvation was costly,
but the price has been paid, ITS NOW FREE.

A new home in heaven is waiting,
its waiting for you and for me,
So trust in the promise of Jesus,
then one day, our saviour you’ll see.




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