Joy In Believing


Joy In Believing
By Doreen Higgs

Mary sat by the window, her face stained with tears,
Sitting alone, the first time for years.
Her husband, dear Bill, had always been there,
Now all that was left was his empty armchair.
Her heart full of anger, her heart filled with pain,
No joy in believing, she would see him again.
She did not believe in a God up above,
She did not believe in a Saviour of love.
Death was the end, no hope for tomorrow,
She cried out of anger, as well as from sorrow.


Jane sat at the table, Bible in hand,
Reading about God’s promised land.
She also shed tears for one who was gone
But knew she would see him before very long.
She missed him so much, she longed for the day,
When her sorrow was gone, her tears wiped away.
When together they would meet with their Saviour and King,
Together in heaven, His praises to sing.
She smiled ,for she felt joy through the pain,
For she knew she would meet her loved one again.




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