Lost In Transit


Lost In Transit
By June Stein

How many souls will be lost today, because they would not endure?
There are temptations and trials, but the love of God is sure,
The way is not an easy one; the road is rough and long,
There is no other way; in Jesus, we can be strong,
Those who find their way in Him,
Are blest beyond all thought,
Christ’s Light will lead them through the dark,
As wonders of faith are wrought.
Others will falter on the way, believing the lies of the world,
Accepting as right, what God calls wrong-
Counterfeit values instead of God’s Word,
Ears closed to God’s wisdom; hearts turned by fake love,
Eyes attracted by immoral things,
Not pure Truth from the Lord above.

The difference between life of the world, and a life in Christ,
Is of barren desert, and beautiful meadow, radiating life-
Sunlit, with flowers and fresh flowing stream,
While the desert waste is as dead as it seems,
Water in the distance is just a mirage,
The beauty of the meadow is true,
Like the love of Christ, in God.
Who can know the time when Christ comes?
No one; but He will return to claim His own,
Will many turn back, to find life in Him?
Or will they go blindly on their way,
Believing Satan’s tempting schemes?
Thinking they have nothing to fear,
Finding nightmares replaced their dreams.

The time we live in is evil; made to appear bright and new,
The unseen, alone, is eternal; the Word of God is true,
There is no escaping the end of this life,
It will come no matter what we believe,
What happens will be the result of our choice-
Heaven with Jesus, or Satan’s Hell with no reprieve.
Make no mistake; the end could come on any day,
Be sure you are not ‘lost in transit’,
Choose Jesus, now – He is the Life, the Truth and the Way.
In Him, find forgiveness and Mercy – enough to cover all your sin,
And Grace, through faith in Christ the Lord,
Live forever in Heaven with Him!


‘My people have been lost sheep; their shepherds
have led them astray and caused them to roam on the mountains.
They wandered over mountain and hill and forgot their own resting place.’
[Jeremiah 50:6]



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