Mission More Than Possible


Mission More Than Possible
By Souad Susu Majdoub

A call to duty with a mission at hand,
All looks bleak from a bird’s eye view.
Though the armor is shiny and the bearer well-groomed,
It sounds like mission impossible.

But I can assure you, the mission is more than possible!
It will not be our human armor
It will not need our physical strength
It will not be the borrowed wisdom of worldly sages
But the hand of the great I AM.

For He is mighty to save
At all times He leads to victory
The Armor is Jesus, the Holy Spirit the Shield,
The Father is the Chief in Command.
At the signal, the Trinity explodes
Into the realms of everything alive
To achieve a winning purpose.

Imperative to the cause,
Is Joy’s cloak, Hope’s cape and the helmet of Patience.
Even more necessary is the Father’s Love,
For it is the air we need for the mission.
Courage lines the boots and Wisdom adorns the minds.
For sure, with all these weapons,
The mission is more than possible.




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