So Simple


So Simple
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

The Gospel truth is so simple,
even a child can understand,
So why do folk reject it
and other things demand?

We must accept it like a child,
for Jesus told us so,
Then like these little ones so dear,
to heaven we too will go.

God made this world and it was good,
then man in His image made,
Woman then was made by God
and good things to them He gave.

Everything was perfect,
made by a perfect God,
Everything was lovely,
made by a God of love.

But humans were not satisfied,
humans wanted more.
They disobeyed their God
so sin entered their heart’s door.

God could not stand to see their sin,
but he loved them so he gave,
His own dear son to take their place,
be punished so they could be saved.

Now all God asks is that we believe,
in Jesus his own son,
Then turn away from our sin,
he will forgive us, everyone.

For Jesus he was perfect,
Jesus He was good,
Jesus lived a sinless life,
but died on a cross of wood.

God raised Him up and now he reigns
in heaven again once more,
His death and resurrection for us,
opened heaven’s door.

We only have to accept this truth,
that He died to take our place.
Accept Him as our Saviour,
then we are saved by God’s good grace.

We will have a home in heaven,
when this life is done,
If we put our trust in God,
acknowledge Christ His son.

Then when God looks upon our sins
they will be cleansed by Christ’s shed blood,
We will stand before him, white as snow,
surrounded by God’s love.

In heaven all is perfect,
sin can not enter in,
But with Jesus as our Saviour,
we are cleansed of all our sin.

It’s in this life we make our choices,
one day it will be too late.
So accept Christ as your Saviour,
then He will open heaven’s gate.




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