Under My Umbrella


Under My Umbrella
By Cinda M Carter

U nder My Umbrella,

N eeding protection and relief.

D etermined in life to be made complete.

E verlasting Father,

R endering my life underneath, Your cover.


M y Umbrella,

Y our mercy granted through God’s Son.


U mbrella,

M ade to use for my own protection in sunshine or rain.

B eneath the shadow of my umbrella there remains,

R easons the umbrella is simply unique.

L ovely for a sunny day, made complete.

L ong days of rain or in the days of sun rays.

A dds to a day, Under My Umbrella… under the shadow of His wings.


‘Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.’
[Psalm 63:7]



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