Father Of Infinite Goodness


Father Of Infinite Goodness
By June Stein

Father of infinite goodness and light,
Majesty, mercy, profound love and might,
Wisdom and patience, too deep to explore,
Glorious virtue we can but adore.

Hear as we offer our worship and praise;
Faithfulness, Father, and hearts to You raise,
Rain down Your mercy on this hurting world,
Over us all may Your love be unfurled.

Teach us repentance and sorrow for sin,
Lead us to those who are lost we might win,
Help us Dear Father to live in Your Light,
Always our purpose, our heartbeat and sight.

To every land let Your Holy Word flow,
Let all the people on earth come to know,
There is no other, to You all must come,
One God, the Father, the Spirit, the Son.




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