I Need You Lord


I Need You Lord
By June Stein

I need You Lord, I need You
You will not let me fall,
You are my God, my Stronghold
Your Love is over all.

Your Light will ever guide me
Your Truth will lead me on,
You are my joy and purpose
With You my soul is one.

My days are steeped in prayer, Lord
For Your heart always hears,
Each time I think about You
I know that You are near.

What love is mine, Dear Savior
That You would welcome me,
To lay my cares before You
And Your sweet Peace receive.

I know You’ll never leave me
You died to set me free,
Your blood was shed to cleanse me
Your Grace is over me.

I give my adoration
My love and praise to You,
My life is Yours alone, Lord
I owe it all to You.




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  1. Joanne Standfield says:

    Hi dear June, how lovely it is to read your poems on here. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and anointed one with us.
    Love and God bless, Jo

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