In The Midnight Hours


In The Midnight Hours
By June Stein

In the midnight hours of longing
There is One who feels your pain.
If you’ve never tried to find Him,
Even so, He knows your name.

Have you lived your life your own way
Are you empty at the core?
Though till now you have denied Him
Still, His love for you is sure.

Where you’ve been and all that’s happened
Has been covered on the Cross,
Once for all He died to save us
Jesus’ blood redeemed the lost.

In confession and forgiveness
There is peace beyond compare,
And a Love that knows no limit
In the Savior’s tender care.

All you need to do is call Him
He’s been waiting at your door,
Bid Him welcome to your life now
Find the joy He has in store.

All your loneliness will vanish
In the Savior’s warm embrace,
When you ask Him to forgive you
All your sin will be erased.

Come and taste the joy of Jesus
There is nothing in this world,
Like the Power of His Presence
In a life lived with the Lord.

You will find a priceless treasure
That will last forevermore,
He will never, ever leave you
From this earth to Heaven’s shore.




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