What In The World?


What In The World?
By June Stein

What in this world is permanent?
Not anything you can see,
Nothing that man has made,
Will last eternally.

Not regal medieval castles,
Or structures of great renown,
Not jewels, gold, fine paintings,
Nor costly designer gowns.

Even the wisest books,
And sculptures of beauty, sublime…
None will last forever,
They’ll be gone at the end of time.

The things of God will endure,
To adorn the redeemed in Christ,
Love, beauty, peace and joy,
Will be ours with Him, in Paradise.

All of the people who ever lived,
Who believed and loved the Lord,
Will be with Him forever,
As proclaimed in His Holy Word.

As the things and people of God,
Will live eternally,
So will the things of Satan,
And those who answered his plea.

But they will be in Hell,
With hatred, darkness and pain,
Hopelessness, fear, perpetual fire;
Regrets – and nothing to gain.

There will be no going back;
No chance for a different choice,
No coming out of that bottomless pit,
When you’ve spurned the Savior’s voice.

The choice is now; Heaven or Hell?
They are for eternity,
There will come a time when choice is gone;
Where you are, is where you’ll be.

When you look around, consider now,
That Jesus died for your sins,
You can come to Him, just as you are;
Open your heart and let Him in.

What in this world is permanent?
Not anything you can see.
But the love of God, in Christ,
Will forgive you and set you free…

To live with Him, eternally!




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