Words Of Life


Words Of Life
By Marie C Neubauer

In this world we see great sorrow
For all mankind is born in sin
So marvel not that Jesus said
That all men must be born again…
Words of life that save and heal
Words of life from God revealed!

Jesus said, first seek God’s kingdom
And His righteousness, pursue
And all things that you have need of
He said they would be given you…
Words of hope that bless, assure
Words of life that shall endure!

Now all things shall work together
‘For good’ to us who love the Lord
Called according to His purpose
And who live by God’s holy Word…
Words that show Christ’s love and care
Words of life that we now share!

Some suppose gain is godliness
From these covetous ways refrain
But godliness with contentment
Jesus teaches that this is great gain…
Words of truth from which we learn
Words of life from God’s dear Son.


“Simon Peter answered Him:
Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of life.’
[John 6:68]


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