How Do You Worship?


How Do You Worship?
By Souad Susu Majdoub

How do you worship?
With your head bowed down
Eyes shut and lips pursed?
On your knees
Praising at ease
Eyes searching
Arms waving?
Do you seek Him with an open heart
Invite Him to take part of every detail
At wholesale and not retail?

How do you worship?
In holy silence
Giving Him license
To permeate your being
Watching, waiting as all thought is fleeing
As His Spirit fills every specter?
Before Him all must be still
Mind, body and soul will He drill
Mold you and grind you as corn in a mill.

Come, let Him take your hand
Let Him choose the right band
Dance to His tunes
As His Presence makes you immune
Untouchable by the world
No matter which way you’re hurled.

Your worship will He elevate
Your words will He translate
Into rays of light that shine so bright
Adore Him, O, Praise Him!
Tremble in His Presence
Flow with His Spirit.

Call His name, He will answer you
Ask the way, He will show you
Let Him fill you first
Trust Him to do the rest
He desires your friendship
All of your fellowship…

This is how you worship!




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