There Is A Remnant


There Is A Remnant
By W A Zamorano

Is there no one who will rejoice
Who will lift up his voice
Who will give God praise
In these dark and dreary days.

Has your heart grown cold
Is there no one young or old
Who will remember His Goodness
Who will remember His Grace.

God has not changed, He’s still the same
His Name is exalted far above all names
The grass withers and the flower fades
But the Word of God will forever remain.

Sing O heavens, be joyful, O earth
Let the sea roar, let the eagle soar
And let the trees clap their hands
Make His praise glorious in all the lands.

There is a remnant who’ll give Him praise
Who will do exploits in these last days
A new song God will give them to sing
Bringing Honor and Glory to their King.

They’ll overcome by their testimony
and the blood of the Lamb
They will be loyal unto the very end
Hallelujah! Jesus calls them “Friend”.




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