Trusting For Harvest


Trusting For Harvest
By June Stein

I believe, Lord, what I cannot see,
My trust is always in You alone,
I want to be faithful to Your calling,
The harvest is Yours, from all that is sown.

The seed is from Your hand of plenty,
I will sow it and pray that it lands,
On fertile ground that will nurture it well,
Yours is the increase, it is in Your hands.

How others receive what is offered,
Is something only You, Lord, can know,
You use the foolish to confound the wise,
This truth, indeed, is my comfort and hope.

I will continue to trust You, Lord,
I will follow as I feel You lead,
I give thanks for each seed that is planted,
And pray that each one will be well received.


‘But the seed on good soil stands for those with
a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it,
and by persevering produce a crop.’
[Luke 8:15]



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