By June Stein

I am an empty vessel, Lord,
Washed in Your precious blood,
I wait to receive Your filling,
Of power, strength and love.
For all that You want me to do, Lord,
You will provide the way,
And help me fulfill my purpose,
I will trust and obey.

Always put in my pathway, Lord,
All that is in Your will,
May the times be made clear to me…
To work, or to be still,
I seek no honor of my own,
Only to honor You,
I long to faithfully follow,
All You lead me to do.

Thank You for choosing me, Lord,
Before I was to be,
You chose my time and place to live…
Your perfect plan for me,
To serve You is all my joy, Lord,
I want to serve You well,
My heart, mind and soul are all Yours,
And in You, all is well!


‘In Him we were also chosen, having been
predestined according to the plan of Him who works out
everything in conformity with the purpose of His will.’
[Ephesians 1:11]



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