Sharing God’s Love


Sharing God’s Love
By June Stein

Whenever we are going out,
We need to be aware,
Of opportunities God gives,
For us to love and share,
We never know when those we meet,
Might need a word of care,
God may have planned for them to be,
Just at that time, right there.

If we are full of self concern,
We may not see their need,
Or speak a single kindly word,
Whose memory will remain,
Although unknown, the words we say,
May shine a bit of light,
Perhaps to be remembered, still,
In lonely dark of night.

What seems to us to be so small,
May be to one in pain,
A sign that they are not alone,
If we just plant a seed.
We might not know the circumstance,
Of others on our way,
 But ready, we can always be,
To share God’s love each day.


‘This is My commandment,
that you love one another as I have loved you.’
[John 15:12]



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