What You See Is What You Get?


What You See Is What You Get?
By June Stein

There’s a phrase that’s often heard,
 “What you see is what you get”,
But that’s not entirely so,
 What you get is what you know!
Things you see are temporal;
 They are only of this world,
All the lasting things in life,
Are only in God’s Word.

Everlasting truth is there,
 The truth you need to know,
About God’s Love in Jesus,
 Who came to save our soul,
And when we know our Savior,
 We’ll live forevermore,
Faith in what we cannot see…
The key to Heaven’s door.

All we need to do is seek,
And we will find The Lord,
His Deity, not oblique,
Everywhere in God’s Word,
He is from the beginning,
And He will have no end,
He is our King and Savior,
Lord of Lords, Holy Friend!




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