Families Need Christ


Families Need Christ
By June Stein

The hardest bridges we must cross,
Are those of hurt and pride,
To take the first and biggest step,
We lay ourselves aside,
To do that, we must look to Christ,
In Him, alone, we find,
The pathway that will lead to love,
And put our hurt behind.

In some close bonds of family,
Can be the best and worst,
The greatest love and devotion,
But also greatest hurt,
Walls can go up despite the love,
Often without intent,
When wrongs and hurt are held too close,
Love is very distant.

Christ loves us through our burdened state,
He will not let us go,
He doesn’t wait until we’ve changed,
Although our worst, He knows,
Love is that which bears remembrance,
Above our pride and hurt,
Because Christ loves us as we are,
A lesson can be learned.

The Lord’s love for us and in us,
Should flow out from within,
The love of Christ shown on the Cross,
When He died for our sin,
Without acknowledgement of wrong,
He died for all the lost,
His love for us will never change,
He does not count the cost.

We must have willingness to bend,
Not hold on to the hurt,
In Christ, we can be merciful,
And honor others’ worth…
As dearer to our heart than self,
When blame is left behind,
For in the love of Jesus Christ,
All help and strength we find!


‘Be kind and compassionate to one another,
forgiving each other just as in Christ God forgave you.’
[Ephesians 4:32]



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