Help For Today


Help For Today
By June Stein

I am longing; make me able, Lord,
To catch the Spirit’s fire,
To be so filled with passion
to live my life for You,
That in everything, it is my heart’s desire,
One so ever constant that the flame
will never wane,
For You, Lord, never waver…
Before all time and evermore,
You are still the same.

Your Love and Mercy, Grace and Power,
are with us every day,
As surely as with Patriarchs of old,
There’s nothing that the world can do,
that’s not allowed by You,
If You should choose to act,
Their evil schemes will be stopped cold!

This is a time of testing,
And sifting wheat from chaff,
Your strength, alone,
Can help us stay the course,
So let us act in valor
In steadfast love for You,
Strengthen our resolve,
And keep us from remorse.

Oh, send a great anointing to Your people,
In these days,
To be a faithful witness,
And lift Your Name in Praise,
That Your Light may shine in darkness,
For all who will, to see,
And shepherd all Your children
To the final Victory!

Amen and Amen!




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