I Once Was Blind


I Once Was Blind
By Marie C Neubauer

I did not know, I did not see
That Jesus Christ had died for me.
I did not know, I could not see
His precious blood could set me free.
I did not know, what love was mine
Nor did I see His grace divine.
I did not know, that I was blind
Nor for my life, God’s great design.

I did not know, my Lord and King
Who rules and reigns over all things.
Nor all the hope, and peace He brings
How Christ can make a heart to sing.
I once was blind, but now I see
The loving Christ who died for me.
Yes now I know, and I am free
For Jesus Christ now lives in me!


‘He answered and said, whether he was a sinner or not I do not know,
whereas once I was blind, but now I see.’
[John 9:25]



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