The Pathway


The Pathway
By Frederick Blanchard

There is a pathway just ahead,
Winding thru fields of golden wheat,
Swaying in a gentle motion,
Dancing freely; without any deceit.

A passageway to a promised sanctuary,
The secure land found at Jesus’ feet,
Free from anxieties that bind the soul,
No pain, sorrow or shame in this retreat.

Leading by a flowing crystal brook,
That reflects a blue hue of skies above,
Is this pathway to everlasting life,
Though narrow, it’s out of abiding love.

Placed by humility and in plain view,
Yet few find it because of sin’s blindness.
But in the well of man, he knows it’s there,
Positioned deep within by Mercy’s tenderness.

From the life of a bird to the death of man,
Each reaching the heart of our loving Savior,
Who patiently waits for all to walk this Path,
Before He brings to an end, sin’s ravaging war.




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