A Compassionate Friend


A Compassionate Friend
By Marie C Neubauer

When we’re at a low point,

He knows just how to cheer,

When our heart is troubled,

He will calm our fear,

When we are so lonely,

Jesus lets us know He’s near,

Other friends may turn away,

But Jesus will stay!

When in need of mercy,

He always will forgive,

When all hope seems gone,

More faith to us He’ll give,

Forever He is with us,

In His presence we will live,

Other friends may turn us away,

But Jesus will stay!

He restores the lives

Of those who honor His name,

We need a friend and Savior,

And that is why Jesus came,

Those whose lives He touches

Will never be the same,

Other friends may turn us away,

But Jesus will stay


‘Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.’
[Matthew 11:28]



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