Before We Were Born


Before We Were Born
By June Stein

Jesus prayed for us,
Even before we were born,
He loves us so much…
He prayed that we may be one,
As He and the Father are One,
We are to be in both Father and Son,
Miraculously, One!

He said that we will believe in Him,
Through the disciples’ message,
So that the world may believe
The Father sent Him.
In unity we are to testify
That the Father loves us,
Even as He loves His Son.
The Father in Christ – Christ in Him,
And all believers in Father and Son,
That we may be perfectly One.

The Lord wants us to be with Him, where He is,
To see His Glory – given by the Father…
Because He loves His Son.
He continues to make His Father known,
So that the love the Father has for Him,
May be in us, and He Himself may be in us,
Such glorious, wonderful, never-ending love,
It is as Son Light, over us unfurled!
Praise to Father, Son and Holy Spirit!
Let us truly live in love, as one,
So joyfully together,
The world will see and hear it.


‘I do not pray for these only, but for those who believe in me through their word…’
[John 17:20-25]



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