Boast Of The Lord


Boast Of The Lord
By Christine Hare Tate

Let’s boast only of the Lord,

Look what He has done?

Designed a plan of salvation

Through His beloved Son!

God in His wisdom confounds the wise,

His ways are higher than ours…
That’s why we boast only of His

Healing, deliverance and power!

He knows the thoughts of every man

As well as their motives and deeds,

He hears all prayers and sees every heart

And is able to meet all our needs.

God is generous, good and merciful,

Patient, longsuffering and kind…

In Him there is a haven of rest when

You’re weary, or seek peace of mind.

Let us boast only of the Lord,

He shares His glory with no man.

What do we have that He hasn’t supplied?

It is all in His purposeful plan!

Lest we forget, gifts flow from God

Thru these earthen vessels of clay;

Apart from Him, we’d wither and die

So let’s boast about Him each day!




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