Jesus Lives!


Jesus Lives!
By June Stein

Jesus died on Calvary’s Cross,
Yet, He lives today,
Friends would take His body down,
Blinking tears away,
Then they sadly carried Him,
To another’s tomb,
Until after Sabbath Day,
That’s all they could do.

Heavy stone would block the tomb,
Guards were set to watch,
Thus His body was secured,
No thief could get through,
Early morning, the third day,
Women came to see…
How the stone could be removed,
So they could go in.

But they found an empty tomb,
With an angel there,
Telling them that Christ had risen,
Just as He declared,
He appeared to many friends,
In the coming days,
Proving that He was alive,
As He came to them.

He appeared upon the shore,
Of a quiet sea,
His friends’ boat was coming back–
They had caught no fish,
Then He called to let nets down,
On the other side,
Soon the nets were bursting full,
Needs had been supplied.

Jesus had a charcoal fire,
Cooking fish to eat,
His disciples laughed with joy,
Seeing Him alive,
After He spent time with them,
Jesus rose to Heaven,
Seated now on throne above,
At His Father’s side.

We will live again, with Christ,
When we trust in Him,
Earthly death is not our end,
Christ in us, gives life,
Life forevermore in Heaven,
Joyful Victory!
Sing Praise to God our Father!
Praise to Jesus Christ!


‘We were buried therefore with Him by baptism
into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead by the
glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.’
[Romans 6:4]



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  1. Joanne Standfield says:

    So lovely to read another of your faith-building poems June. God bless you dear friend, your sister in Christ, Jo

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