A Brand New Year


A Brand New Year
By Lucia K Haase

Since Genesis of time began,
each brand new year comes into plan;
God’s calendar continues on,
from day to night, to each new dawn.

The hours pass but yet the same
breathes life eternal in His name,
no matter continent or place-
all children thrive within His grace.

Those creatures at His beckoned call
live cared for – all those great or small,
in given place of earthly world
that lies before us here unfurled…

as all of nature ‘fore His gaze
arises up in utmost praise,
as mankind grows to praise Him too-
each step we take, in all we do.

Onward we press…in faith we go;
God sent His Son and willed it so.
We take His hand and have no fear,
with each and every brand New Year.

Happy New Year!




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