Blanket Of Snow


Blanket Of Snow
By Frederick Blanchard

A new covering of pure white snow,
Gently blankets the tired earth,
Laying fields of grasses to rest,
As sleigh bells ring the stories toll.

 Children riding the hills with glee,
As bears snuggle deep in their dens,
And squirrels search high and low for seeds,
Chasing each other round the old fir tree.

 Warmth is found cuddling the wood fire,
Sipping cups of fresh chocolate or cider,
While winter’s clothes hang about to dry,
The dancing flames dazzle and begin to inspire.

 Peace from above comes in this quiet hour,
Ushering in a quiet sense of serenity’s joy,
As finely tuned cappella voices drift around,
Praising the Lord for His eternal love and power.




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