Exalt Him!


Exalt Him!
By W A Zamorano

Who is this babe asleep on the hay
He is the One who was sent to save.
Who left the glory He had on high
And came to earth to suffer and die.

As prophesied He came willingly
To shed His blood for humanity.
To cleanse us from all iniquity
To break our chains and let us go free.

For sin He died to bring liberty
Strip Satan of all authority.
He rose triumphant, victoriously
And led the saints from captivity.

The tiny babe asleep on the hay
Who once it seemed He so helpless lay.
He is none other than Christ the Lord
The risen Son of our living God.

Exalt Him, Exalt Him,
Lift your voice and sing.
Sweet praises, Sweet praises,
To our Lord and Savior King!




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