Room For Jesus?


Room For Jesus?
By Tom D Blakely

A mother had a baby
Born in a cattle shed.
There was no room for Jesus
The word of God has said.
Yet Jesus came to save us,
But not against our will;
If we’ve no room for Jesus,
Our sin is with us still.

The world did not receive Him
But wanted Jesus dead,
Just as they shunned the prophets
Of whom we all have read,
Who talked about salvation;
The message of God’s love,
With holy condemnation
Of sin from heaven above.

There’s not a one amongst us
Who’s perfect in our ways,
Who doesn’t need redemption,
Who ‘I am righteous’ says.
But all of us are sinful
And if we truly say:
‘Lord save me I’m a sinner’
Our penalty He’ll pay.




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