Every Day Remains A Blessing


Every Day Remains A Blessing
By Cinda M Carter

Everyday is a gift from God
Look to Jesus as we walk in this world
Facing new challenges
Jesus takes one’s life, then balances it.

He takes away the old and gives us the new
A new way of thinking as we walk through
The trials and the cares of this life
Jesus stands in the gap for us, the one they call Christ.

Without Jesus we would be nothing
It’s because of Him that we have faith in trusting
Trusting the one and only Jesus Christ
It is a privilege to be a part of His life.

In the daily walk with the Lord
He gives us our daily bread with His word
His Holy Spirit convicts us when we sin
So, we have an advocate with the Father and ask Him to cleanse.

Cleanse me dear Lord of my sins
Purify my thoughts and sanctify me through Him
Wash me white as snow
So, the Lord Jesus I may know.

Through Jesus I can rejoice in Him
I find peace of mind and contentment within
I cannot praise Jesus the Son of God enough
Even when life seems tough.

For I find in Him that everyday remains a blessing
Through trials and temptations
Through failures and setbacks
I count it a joy in knowing Jesus, no longer to turn back.

I am cleansed with the blood of the Lamb
To be His child forever I am
Free in sharing the gospel of Christ for His glory
Everyday remains a blessing through the gospel story.




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