Mercy Called


Mercy Called
By Tom D Blakely

There was a time when God in mercy called,
He made things very clear:
That I was lost and soon must pay the cost;
His message made me fear.
O how I thank the Lord for showing me
the wages of my sin.
For it was then that I began to see,
just where I stood with Him.

O bless the day that I came to the cross,
repenting of my sin;
For it was there I met the Son of God
and had my sin forgiven.
O when I think that Jesus died for me,
enduring so much pain;
I stand amazed at His great love for me;
I’ll gladly bear His name

I am at peace with God through Christ my Lord,
and justified in Him;
Eternal life my Lord has earned for me
and pardon for my sin.
I am renewed, God’s Spirit lives in me;
my bond with heaven above.
He is the One who draws me close to God
and fills me with His love




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