My Diary


My Diary
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

I pick up my diary and what do I see?
clean white pages there before me.
No mark to be seen for the year’s just begun,
the pages are clean, nothing yet done.

I pick up my diary of the year just gone by,
as I flick through the pages I ask myself why?
Why did I worry at the start of last year,
for with God by my side I had nothing to fear.

True there were days when the sun did not shine,
days when I wished this body wasn’t mine.
Times of sorrow as loved ones departed,
also some days when I felt downhearted.

But both sunshine and rain the Lord shared with me
and as I look back many blessings I see.
As I started last year I had God by my side
and through every day He was my guide.

Though the going was tough He led the way
and gave me His peace in my heart every day.
As I give Him my thanks for all of last year
I look to the future with nothing to fear.

I pick up my diary its pages so bare
and wonder, this year what will I write there?
I am sure there will be good days and bad,
sometimes I’ll be happy other times sad.

But I know that whatever this new year may bring
each day I will have reason to sing.
For Christ takes my hand and will lead all the way
I am wrapped in His love and forever he’ll stay.

He wont leave my side whatever I do,
so this is my prayer for each one of you.
That You take His hand and let Him lead the way
then you’ll have His peace in your heart every day.




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  1. Tom says:

    ‘My Diary’ written by a true soldier of Christ. May it be a blessing to all who read it and hear it.

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