What Must I Do?


What Must I Do?
By Cinda M Carter

What must I do
To prove, My love for you?

I could answer all your prayers.
To show you how much I care.
I could say, yes, to all your requests.
But to reward wrong, I do not dare.

I am not like a Santa Claus…
Who indicates if you’re bad or good
By presents you find under a tree.
It’s not about your own goodness, You see.


We are all sinners in this world
There is only One, who is good.
God the Father sent His only begotten Son.
So, that we might have life to live anew.

It’s because of Christ who lives in us…
When we make a decision to follow Jesus.
He cleanses us with His blood, from all sin.
So, that we might live a holy life in Him.

So, it doesn’t depend on whether we are bad or good.
What counts is, are we cleansed by the blood?
That Jesus gave on the cross,
So, we will no longer give into sin or will be lost.

This is the perfect way of the Father…
To give His only begotten Son for us.
What greater love is there than this
When Jesus laid down His life as a gift?


This proves My love for you.
Now what are you going to do?


‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’
[John 3:16]



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