Creator Divine


Creator Divine
By Christine Hare Tate

The solar system can’t compare
to our Father wise and fair;
exposes darkness by His light,
by His hand gives blind men sight,
controls the oceans’ boundaries,
formed the giant sequoia trees,
hand-painted every lovely flower
by His unique, artistic power!
Numbered every grain of sand,
and set each creature on the land…
God is the supreme creator,
the only divine orchestrator!

His glory fills both earth and space,
our righteous Father full of grace!
Of all the great things He has done,
He sent Jesus Christ His Son
to redeem our sinful, fallen race,
forgive our sins, take our place;
crucified on a rugged tree,
on a mount called Calvary!
What more will convince men
that they must be born again,
to be reconciled and set free
from sin’s eternal penalty!!




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