Peace No Pain Can Take Away


Peace No Pain Can Take Away
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Lord, I would not have chosen this path to walk,
a path of illness and of pain,
but because You walk this path with me
many blessings are my gain.

I have a peace within my heart
no pain can take away,
because that peace it comes from you
and you are with me all the way.

You do not take the pain away
and for this I do not ask,
but you give me strength to bare it,
However long it lasts.

You will hold my hand and help me
to face what is to come,
with a peace that only You can give,
till this earthly life is done.

Then I will see you face to face,
As my tears are wiped away,
All pain and tears forgotten,
I will walk with you each day.




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