Trust And Believe


Trust And Believe
By June Stein

We can’t trust feelings or what we perceive,
Our Lord is constant; His promises sure,
It’s always in Him, we trust and believe,
His love is steadfast and we will endure.

In Him alone, will all answers be found,
For He gives us Truth, forgiveness and care,
With Jesus Our Savior, joy will abound,
All peace, love, protection and strength are there.

His answers, we may not instantly know,
We trust and believe in His gracious Will,
New patience, refreshment and hope will flow,
As He holds us close and sweet peace instills.

Patience is something not easy to keep,
Through all the trials we find on our way,
But we thank the Lord that His mercy is deep,
He helps us to trust, believe and obey.

We have to be willing to just plod on,
Even at times, when the way is not clear,
We know in our heart that all will be well,
For Jesus our Savior is always near.


‘We know that in everything God works for good with those who love Him,
who are called according to His purpose.’
[Romans 8:28]



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