Christ Is Risen!


Christ Is Risen!
By June Stein

The death of Jesus on the Cross
Left His disciples feeling loss
Three days had passed since He was gone
They came His body to embalm.

Two women came at break of day
To see where Jesus’ body lay
The entrance stone was rolled away
The tomb was empty on that day!

An angel spoke: Christ is not dead
For He is risen as He said!
Such joyful news the women heard
This was a message to be shared!

He conquered sin, death, Hell and grave
He gave Himself, our lives to save!
Because He lives, we live in Him
Praise God our Savior, Christ is risen!

Today with joy, we too rejoice
And in accord lift up our voice
He lives! He lives! Our Savior lives!
This is our song of thankful praise!


‘He is not here; for He is risen, as He said.’
[Matthew 28:6]



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