Our Savior


Our Savior
By June Stein

Three crosses stood starkly on a hill that day,
The three men impaled there would all die for sins,
Two men were convicted of theft and would pay,
But One was our Savior, nailed there for our sins.
Jesus, born into the world to die this day,
Was sent by the Father to save us, as planned,
No other sacrifice could ever redeem…
All man’s sin for all time but God’s Holy Lamb.

Betrayed by His friend with the sign of a kiss,
At night in dark garden, with torch laden crowd,
Though knowing the outcome, He did not resist,
Through false trials and torture, He never bowed,
He went like a silent Lamb to the slaughter,
Deserted by most, as He hung on the Cross,
Giving His life for all earth’s sons and daughters,
All who believe in Him will never be lost.

Six agonized hours, He hung there for our sin,
And then at last He cried out, “It is finished.”
The purpose for His birth–sacrifice fulfilled,
His power greater still, in life within us,
Now, all souls ransomed to choose life, as they will,
He gave His Own life for all souls, to save us,
Never again are we subject to Satan,
When we choose new life, won for us in Christ!

Praise and Glory to Our Savior Jesus Christ!


‘For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world,
but that the world might be saved through Him.’
[John 3:17]



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