Easter Past


Easter Past
By June Stein

How is it for me today,
Now that Easter day is past?
Do I hold Christ in my heart?
Will commitment to Him last?
Is the joy of Easter there,
As I go about my way?
Or do other things come first,
In my ordinary day?

Lord, I want to seek You first,
Come, and live in me each day,
May I not let anything,
Keep my Easter joy away!
When You paid the awful price—
Died to save me from my sin,
You won victory for me,
Granting me new life within.

Praise and thanks to You Dear Lord,
Your love lifts me, come what may,
Nothing in this world could top,
My life in You, every day,
Everything is bright and new,
In the Light of Your sweet Love,
Easter joy is never past,
When within us, it will last!


Jesus said:
‘…And surely I am with you always,
to the very end of the age.’
[Matthew 28:20]



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