Humble Love


Humble Love
By June Stein

Be humble, as the Lord was humble,
As He walked upon this earth,
He thought it not beneath Him,
To serve the lowly, showing their worth,
If only one word could be chosen,
Describing our Precious Lord,
 ‘Love’ would ring out first of all,
In heart and mind and soul, as that word.

At Passover meal, He washed friends’ feet,
With water basin and towel,
He taught them simply to love,
Through selfless service, considered foul,
The Lord loved us each more than His life,
He took our sin to the Cross,
He suffered and would die there,
Redeeming forever all the lost.

He died, then three days later, He rose,
Came out of the guarded tomb,
Angels rolled the stone away,
The grave clothes lay in the empty room,
The Lord has risen as He said,
Redemption is now complete,
New life He freely gives us,
With faith, we can believe and receive.


‘Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet,
you also should wash one another’s feet.’
[John 13:14]



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