Sovereign God


Sovereign God
By Tom D Blakely

O sovereign God who knows each heart
And in Your mercy did impart
To us salvation; born again,
That we might live to praise Your name.

Rebellious, guilty, steeped in sin
Forever lost we should have been,
But by Your Grace we did receive
A sovereign pardon and reprieve.

To stand before a holy God
We could not do without the blood,
But how can words of mortal man
Convey our thanks for Christ the Lamb?

By faith we see Golgotha’s cross
Where Jesus died in place of us.
O how our hearts begin to ache
As tears are shed for Jesus’ sake.

To You O God we do belong
For You redeemed us by Your Son,
So now ourselves to You we give
That for Your glory we might live.




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