Christ Turns Our Darkness Into Light


Christ Turns Our Darkness Into Light
By June Stein

Christ turns our darkness into light,
Calms our every upset and gives sweet rest in Him,
He brings order out of chaos; forgives our every sin,
His own righteousness is ours, when He lives within.
He was born to die a sacrificial death upon the Cross,
This, He knew before all time began,
He would shed His precious blood to save the lost,
Sent by the Father, to be born Son of God; Son of Man.

No other sacrifice could save us from our sin,
All the sin, for all the world and time, was put on Him,
In agony, Christ suffered more than we could ever grasp,
For all sinners who believe—the curse of sin is past.
His death upon the Cross destroyed the power of Satan,
Unless we give him leave,
Victory is ours to claim in Jesus’ Name,
For all who come to Him, our Savior will receive.

This world is open to Satan’s lies; he has opportunity to act,
But Christ has set us free and with eyes of faith we see…
Satan’s power is broken, for God’s Word is solid fact,
God’s protection for His Own, Satan cannot breech.
As Jesus conquered Death, so too shall we,
He has prepared a place for us,
Where we will live with Him eternally,
Now, we know in faith but in Heaven, we shall see!




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