I Am His Own


I Am His Own
By June Stein

The Lord will not forget His Own,
No time will be without Him,
No matter what each day may bring,
I pray I’ll never doubt Him,
Although His presence can’t be seen,
His love for me is constant,
My every need is met in Him,
And I’m forever grateful.

I once was chained but now am free,
Once was blind but now I see,
My sin, Christ took to Calvary’s Cross,
And bought for me salvation,
My ransom, He there fully paid,
I pray my life reflects Him,
He was God’s Sacrificial Lamb,
All praise to Christ forever.

My Way and Truth and Life, He is,
I cannot live without Him,
And every day He’s in my heart,
I need to speak about Him,
About the love He has for all,
And how He died to save us,
How in the Last Days, He will come,
From Heaven above to raise us!


‘Jesus said to him, I am the way, and the truth,
and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by Me.’
[John 14:6]



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