Living Water


Living Water
By June Stein

The Lord and disciples were tired
And very hungry that day,
They stopped for some food and water
They then would go on their way.
Disciples went off to buy food
The Lord sat by Jacob’s well,
A woman came late, and alone
To draw some water herself.

When Jesus requested a drink
She questioned why He was there,
Because she was Samaritan
He shouldn’t be asking her.
He said if she knew who He was
Then she would ask it of Him,
For He could give ‘living water’
Never would she thirst again.

He told her all about her life
She wondered who He could be,
When told He was the Messiah
She wanted others to see.
The villagers were quickly told
That Jesus was by the well,
She told them, “Messiah is here!”
As prophesied long ago.

Samaritans welcomed Jesus
And He spent two days with them,
Their differences didn’t matter
As they believed what He said.
The Lord was there to save sinners
As many as came to Him,
Unlimited ‘living water’
He freely, graciously gives.


[Based on John: 4]



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