My Guilty Conscience


My Guilty Conscience
By Tom D Blakely

Before I was a Christian
One place Christ had to be
Outside my guilty conscience
And far away from me!
I carried on rebelling
And trying out new stuff…
So many things to tempt me
I couldn’t get enough!

But life is not so brilliant
When things start going wrong
I don’t feel much like sharing
Besides, the list’s too long!
I did so much complaining
But old friends didn’t care…
In fact they were so useless
I came to God in prayer!

But God refused to take me
Except through Christ His Son
And that caused me a problem
I’d been avoiding Him!
With God there are no problems
He guided me along…
Beneath the feet of Jesus
Through faith I was forgiven.

I didn’t want to know God but He gave me no peace
Just like a guilty conscience, from which there’s no release.



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