No Other Gods Before Me


No Other Gods Before Me
By Tom D Blakely

No other gods before Me
Seems such an ancient law
First of God’s commandments

But does it still apply?

Back when they worshiped idols

This law might make more sense

That’s unless we still do
Surely we have advanced?
Here and there without a care
Christians talk about grace
As not under any law
But in a higher place
While their first love remains self.

No other gods before Me
Still pierces like a sword
Hearts of true disciples

Who live to please their Lord.
Grace is what Jesus brought us
He paid the price of sin
All who know the Saviour
Should have no gods but Him.
By God’s grace and with His help
Kill the idol of “self”
Soon all other god’s will go
God’s law will then make sense
When we put God before self
We won’t seek anything else.


‘You shall have no other gods before Me.’
[Exodus 20:3]



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