Smooth The Way


Smooth The Way
By Tom D Blakely

Do we have the promise of eternal life?
Do we know God’s Son as Saviour, Jesus Christ?
If we are a Christian we belong to God
Followers of Jesus who believe God’s word.

Pray and give Him glory for He knows the way
He prepares our pathway when we do not stray.
Do not trust in self but on God’s word rely
Follow Him in simple faith not asking why.

“I will go before you”, God says in His word
He directs our path and makes the rough road smooth.
Is our faith in Jesus or on self depend?
Do we dare to trust Him from now till the end?

Trust in Jesus, each and every day
Jesus knows our future and will smooth the way.


‘I will go before you and make the rough places smooth.’
[Isaiah 45:2]



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