Tears Of Comfort


Tears Of Comfort
By Tom D Blakely

Jesus suffered to redeem us
He relates to all our pain
And how lovingly He comforts
All who call upon His name.

Trials come and without warning
Often taking us off guard.
But our Lord has sworn to keep us
And will work all for our good.

All God asks is that we trust Him.
Think of how He worked before.
Every test is for a reason;
May we love and trust Him more.

Lord at times when we are tearful
Overwhelmed and in distress
Put our tears into Your bottle
Dry our eyes and bring us peace.

Lord Your precious word assures us
You record our every tear.
When we hurt Lord You are with us
In our trials You draw near.


‘You number my wanderings; put my tears into Your bottle; are they not in Your book?’
[Psalm 56:8]



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