With You, Jesus


With You, Jesus
By June Stein

With You, Jesus I can handle
Each and every pain and strife,
Every day I feel You near me
You will hold me all through life.
Trials faced with You are lightened
Though they are a part of life,
You are always here to guide me
In the darkness, You are Light.

I will follow You dear Savior
You are God’s own precious Son,
Sent by Him to die for sinners
By Your blood my soul was won.
All who come to You and follow
Find Your love and saving Grace,
You fulfilled God’s law and saved me
On the Cross, You took my place.

Now and always I am Yours Lord
From Your Cross came sin’s defeat,
What the Father willed, You finished
Victory is now complete.
You are once again in Heaven
Seated at the Father’s side,
At life’s end I long to join You
With You, evermore on high!




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